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django CMS blog application - Support for multilingual posts, placeholders, social network meta tags and configurable apphooks.

Supported Django versions:

  • Django 1.11, 2.2, 3.0

Supported django CMS versions:

  • django CMS 3.5+


See installation documentation


See features documentation for all the features details

  • Placeholder content editing
  • Frontend editing using django CMS frontend editor
  • Multilingual support using django-parler
  • Twitter cards, Open Graph and Google+ snippets meta tags
  • Optional simpler TextField-based content editing
  • Multisite (posts can be visible in one or more Django sites on the same project)
  • Per-Apphook configuration
  • Configurable permalinks
  • Configurable django CMS menu
  • Per-Apphook templates set
  • Auto Apphook setup
  • Django sitemap framework
  • django CMS Wizard integration
  • Haystack index
  • Desktop notifications
  • Liveblog

Known djangocms-blog websites

See DjangoPackages for an updated list https://www.djangopackages.com/packages/p/djangocms-blog/


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