Attaching blog to the home page

Add blog apphook to the home page

  • Go to the django CMS page admin: http://localhost:8000/admin/cms/page

  • Edit the home page

  • Go to Advanced settings and select Blog from the Application selector and create an Application configuration;

  • Eventually customise the Application instance name;

  • Publish the page

  • Restart the project instance to properly load blog urls.

Amend configuration

Permalinks must be updated to avoid blog urlconf swallowing django CMS page patters.

To avoid this add the following settings to you project:

    ('full_date', _('Full date')),
    ('short_date', _('Year /  Month')),
    ('category', _('Category')),
    "full_date": "<int:year>/<int:month>/<int:day>/<str:slug>/",
    "short_date: "<int:year>/<int:month>/<str:slug>/",
    "category": "<str:category>/<str:slug>/",

Notice that the last permalink type is no longer present.

Then, pick any of the three remaining permalink types in the layout section of the apphooks config linked ot the home page (at’


Version 1.2 introduce a breaking change as it drops url function in favour of path. If you have customized the urls as documented above you must update the custom urlconf to path-based patterns.