django CMS 3.2+ WizardΒΆ

django CMS 3.2+ provides a content creation wizard that allows to quickly created supported content types, such as blog posts.

For each configured Apphook, a content type is added to the wizard.

Some issues with multiple registrations raising django CMS AlreadyRegisteredException hae been reported; to handle these cases gracefully, the exception is swallowed when Django DEBUG == True avoiding breaking production websites. In these cases they wizard may not show up, but the rest will work as intended.

Wizard can create blog post content by filling the Text form field. You can control the text plugin used for content creation by editing two settings:

  • BLOG_WIZARD_CONTENT_PLUGIN: name of the plugin to use (default: TextPlugin)

  • BLOG_WIZARD_CONTENT_PLUGIN_BODY: name of the plugin field to add text to (default: body)


the plugin used must only have the text field required, all additional fields must be optional, otherwise the wizard will fail.