Social sharesΒΆ

djangocms_blog integrates well with options for social shares. One of the many options available is Shariff which was developed by a popular German computer magazine.

To allow readers to share articles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or just email, add the share buttons to your post_detail.html template just before </article>.

If you decide to use Shariff this requires a <div> to be added (see documentation of shariff).

See below for a template tag that loads all required configurations and javascript files. The <div> is then replaced by {% shariff %}:

from django.conf import settings
from django import template

register = template.Library()

@register.inclusion_tag('djangocms_blog/shariff.html', takes_context=True)
def shariff(context, title=None, services=None, orientation=None):
    context['orientation'] = orientation if orientation else 'horizontal'
    context['services'] = escape(services if services else
                                settings.SHARIFF['services'])  # MUST be configured in
    if title:
        context['short_message'] = settings.SHARIFF.get('prefix', '') + title +\
                      settings.SHARIFF.get('postfix', '')
    if 'mail-url' in settings.SHARIFF:
        context['mail_url'] = settings.SHARIFF['mail-url']

And in templates/djangocms_blog/shariff.html you need:

{% load static sekizai_tags %}
{% addtoblock 'js' %}<script src="{% static 'js/shariff.min.js' %}"></script>{% endaddtoblock %}
{% addtoblock 'css' %}<link href="{% static 'css/shariff.min.css' %}" rel="stylesheet">{% endaddtoblock %}
<div class="shariff" data-services="{{services}}" data-orientation="{{orientation}}"{% if mail_url %} data-mail-url="{{mail_url}}"{% endif %}{% if short_message %} data-title="{{short_message}}"{% endif %}></div>

The shariff files js/shariff.min.js and css/shariff.min.css will need to be added to your static files. Also, a little configuration in is needed, e.g.,

    'services': '["twitter", "facebook", "googleplus", "linkedin", "xing", "mail"]',
    'mail-url': 'mailto:',                  # optional
    'prefix':   'Have you seen this: "',    # optional
    'postfix':  '"',                        # optional